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- July

Teddy Troubles

- March

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Welcome to Shooting Star Entertainments.

We are passionate about entertaining children and have been touring our panto's for over 10 years. One measure of our success is that over 90% of our customers re-book year to year. Our shows include a mix of modern and traditional - latest songs the children recognise and sing along to, accompanied by slapstick and thigh-slapping heroics that have always been the hallmark of great panto.  

Our team includes qualified & experienced primary school teachers and child-care professionals (oh - and parents!). We know how to create fun for kids. We write our own scripts which are updated each year and performed by professional actors who bring a self-contained set with professional sound & lighting. Our pantomimes are ideal for schools, clubs, corporate events, village halls etc.

For Christmas 2018 we will be touring all of England with Robin Hood.  In the South East we will also be offering Robinson Crusoe and, for nursery-age children, Search for Santa.  

We are also offering a range of Theatre in Education shows through the year.

Dick Whittington Panto

We bring a full set together with a sound and lighting rig which we set up and take down without any help.

Come and catch the train with us through your imagination to a trip of pure Summertime joy!

We͛ll splash in the sea and play in the sand, we͛ll find a fair and of course, ride a donkey. Through music and fun we͛ll have all the experiences of a Trip to the Beach without leaving your Nursery or Preschool setting.  

Based on outcomes from Understanding of the World and Health and Self Care, we plan and prepare for fun and safety in the sun.  

We͛ll bring everything we need. All you need to provide is enough space for everybody to move around safely.  

Our Teddy is our first, and most special best friend. They comfort us when we need it and teach us what it means to be a friend. So what happens when those cheeky teddies go hiding? We need our friends to help us solve the mystery of where those tricky teddies are.

Using a range of traditional and modern songs and dances we explore our feelings and how to be a good friend.  This experience focuses on working towards Personal, Social and Emotional Early Learning Goals. It is a great partner to a Teddy Bear͛s Picnic.  

 Organise your year of entertainment and enrichment of the curriculum – book Teddy Troubles in March and A Trip to the Beach in July and we will apply a 7% discount. Add Search for Santa in December for 10% off the total.

An entertaining yet enlightening look at how to stay safe online and what to do if children encounter a cyber-bully.

We take your pupils through some real-life cyber situations they could easily find themselves having to deal with.

Captain Wonderweb

- February

Coming Soon - More details of our Shows for Christmas 2018:

- Robin Hood - Our National Pantomime

- Robinson Crusoe - touring South East England

- Search for Santa - Our National Pre-school Show

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